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Mad Men and Bad Men: What Happened When British Politics Met Advertising

Mad Men and Bad Men: What Happened When British Politics Met Advertising


I’ve written for The Guardian, The Sunday Telegraph and all sorts of other people over the years including the NME, Cosmopolitan, The Independent, The Scotsman, The Times, Arena, GQ, Q – even Grazia.

But here is a selection of some recent (ish) favourites….

My interview with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn – Big Issue, December 2016

Can advertising help fight the alt-right? – The Guardian, February 2017

My report from Washington DC for the presidential election – Big Issue, November 2016 

How The Tories Won The 2015 Election – The Guardian, Feb 2016

My latest Big Issue columns… – summer 2015

The Mirror – my recent guest columns – 2015

The Guardian – Why I’m bringing live comedy to Periscope – July 2015

The Guardian – My fashion advice for David Beckham as he turns 40 – May 2015

The Guardian – 10 best political posters ever – May 2015


The Guardian – Spin It To Win It – March 2015


My TV Column In The Big Issue

Norman Tebbit interview for The Big Issue


The New Statesman

The daft sentimentality of the British sports fan

Footballers who misunderstand how Twitter works


The Guardian

Bob Brooks Remembered

Lost In Showbiz – Will.i.Am

Will the Leveson enquiry kill celeb journalism?

Why Question Time is awesome

Column: The Real Reason John Bercow Is Off To Afghanistan

Column: Why David Cameron should drop the funnyman act, April 2011

Confrontation Is Good, column Feb 2011

Column: Mario Balotelli – The Idiot’s Idiot

10 Things I Learnt At Heat magazine

Interview with Alan Ball, creator of HBO’s True Blood.

Interview with Paul Feig, of whom I am a massive fan.

Pop stars with daft alter-egos.

My thoughts on the Jamie Oliver Sainsbury’s ads.

Interview with Michael K Williams (Omar out of The Wire to me and you).

Interview with Dominic West (McNulty out of The Wire to me and you).

Hanging out with Shaun Ryder.

The Sunday Telegraph

Inside HBO – the world’s greatest TV channel.

The War On Photography.

Behind the scenes of Mad Men.

Interview with John Barrowman.

Interview with Adrian Grenier out of Entourage!.

Not that I was bored or anything but I also looked up a couple of really old pieces recenlty. I think they were the first two things I ever did for The Guardian when I was in my early 20s. They’re actually alright I reckon

This one was about gangster movies Geezers and Guns

And this one was an interview with the legendary Peter Farrelly