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Mad Men and Bad Men: What Happened When British Politics Met Advertising Paperback 5 Feb 2015

How did a bunch of unelected, unaccountable admen end up running British politics?

Sam Delaney wanted to find out more about the strange relationship between British politics and advertising. What happened when a rag-tag band of scruffs and smart-arses invaded Westminster, sprinkling creative fairy dust over earnest politicians? How much did snappy slogans and simplistic soundbites influence election results and even government policies?

Sam decided to talk to the people at the heart of it: Alistair Campbell, Peter Mandelson, Tim Bell, Maurice Saatchi, Norman Tebbit, Neil Kinnock – and many more. Everything is here ­- the moment Margaret Thatcher met the Saatchi brothers, the famous ‘Labour Isn’t Working’ poster and the infamous ‘Demon Eyes’ campaign. Here, too, are the stories they didn’t want you to hear: the man who snorted coke in Number 10, the fist-fights in Downing Street, the all-day champagne binges in Westminster.

Dark, revealing and frequently hilarious, Mad Men and Bad Men is a hugely entertaining behind-the-scenes tour of the election campaigns of the last four decades. Here are the posters, political broadcasts, slogans and stunts that got us into the mess of spin and hype we are in today.

Paperback: 288 pages Publisher: Faber & Faber (5 Feb. 2015)
ISBN-10: 0571312381  ISBN-13: 978-0571312382

Night of the Living Dad

A mop of black hair, wrinkled skin, a blueish-grey complexion and pretty, open eyes that dart around the room. You could call her scary and weird-looking I suppose but I quite like her.
Sam Delaney is happy: he is a new dad. He plans to be a caring, wise and reliable father. Except he worries he might be none of those things. He worries that he might be an idiot. His nieces and nephews see him as a lovable buffoon.
He is a clumsy oaf and sporadic binge-drinker who doesn’t have a proper job and cites ‘Teen Wolf’s dad’ as his biggest role model.
Is he really fit for this new position of responsibility? There’s only one way he’ll be able to find out. Follow Sam in his first year of fatherhood as he tries to figure out what a good dad should be, and even more importantly, what sort of dad he should be.

Format: Paperback 288 pages | Date of publication: 6th August 2009
Publisher: John Murray Publishers Ltd | ISBN: 9781848540934

Get Smashed

The Story of the Men Who Made the Adverts That Changed Our Lives.

Between the 1960s and the 1980s some of the most influential men in the country spent most of the day in the pub and got paid more than the Prime Minister.
They were responsible for transforming a lifeless advertising industry into something exciting and extravagant. They came up with the idea of selling lifestyles. They changed what we ate, how we dressed and who we voted for and celebrated with fast cars, private jets and champagne. GET SMASHED is a story of ambition, obsession and excess and how the ads that began by reflecting British culture came to define it.

Format: Paperback 300 pages | Date of publication: 9 Aug 2007
Publisher: Sceptre | ISBN: 9780340922514