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This book about The Wire

The Wire Re-Up

I was clearing out some books to give to the charity shop when I stumbled across this book about The Wire, which was published by The Guardian in 2009. It’s a compilation of essays, articles and interviews surrounding David Simon’s epic Baltimore-set drama about drugs, cops, crooked politicians and mad drunken dockers. It features an interview I did in 2008 with Michael K Williams, who played Omar in the show. Anyway, it’s a nice read for those of you who are fans of what used to be the most critically acclaimed show ever, until Breaking Bad came along. I still like it. But then I haven’t seen Breaking Bad. Sue me.

Barry From Watford!


Barry From Watford is the brilliant creation of Alex Lowe, a brilliant comedy actor. Last night I appeared as a guest on his live chat show at the Soho theatre. He was funny, I just answered questions about sport mostly. The other guest was Guy Pratt from Pink Floyd. It was being filmed as a TV pilot for Baby Cow productions. I enjoyed it. My brother was in the audience. We got drunk after.

Writing about Leveson in The Guardian

Charlotte Church at the Leveson inquiry. Angry.

It’s been a momentous years for the celebrity news game what with superinjunctions, phone hacking and all the rest of it. I made a doc on the subject for BBC Three in the summer but the whole thing has moved on again since then. The Guardian asked me to write a reviewof the stuff that’s happened in 2011 and what might happen next. So I did. And you can read it all here


Lorraine Kelly: gorgeous, y'get me blud?

Went on Lorraine Kelly on ITV the other morning. Doing the paper review and that. She’s lovely. Good show. Met a transgender lady in the green room. She seemed nice. I’ll be on again soon.