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Buzz Aldrin!

sam and buzz
Hey look! I got to meet Buzz Aldrin last week! He’s been on the moon and I haven’t. All the conversation was completely one-sided to be honest. I was hosting a  bash for The Beattie Foundation, which is a brilliant charity you should check out. The event was in aid of sending Normandy veterans back to France for the 70th anniversary of the landings. We raised loads, had great fun and Buzz was a brilliant guest of honour. I’m going to try and go to Normandy for the anniversary next June. My brother is coming too. We’re taking a camper van. We’re not heroes, it’s just all the hotels are booked.



I repeat, there is a CRISIS IN MASCULINITY! Wrap your penis in tin foil and hide under your snooker table. Dianne Abbott MP says we’re doomed. Channel 4 News asked me to tak her on in a HEATED DEBATE on the matter last Wednesday. I did. It was great. I can’t find a link for you to watch it so you’ll just have to trust me. The best part of the experience? Off air Jon Snow complemented me on my nice tweed jacket. He;s dreamy. The next day, I recorded a thing for the BBC World Service’s Weekend show on the same subject. You can listen here. It starts towards the end of the programme, at about 17:33


My Tumblr site. Basically loads of Eddie Murphy clips.

Check out my new tumblr site. It’s got a bunch of my favourite TV and movie clips and other crap that I like but wouldn’t waste your time with here. But if you find yourself with some time to waste, you might like to pay it a visit. Bye!

I Am A Princess

Snow White: naieve

My four year old daughter is obsessed with princesses and refuses to communicate with me outside the parameters of make-believe princess related games. I wrote a thing about this for Read it here