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Latest dispatch for The Big Issue


The Big Issue column has gone a bit off road in recent months. I’ve stopped bothering to write about TV because I don’t watch enough of it to justify the title. So I’ve just sort of been banging on about my marriage, fatherhood, work and all the rest of it. I think it’s an improvement to be honest. Anyway, if you could give a flying fuck, catch up on recent efforts here

Class War!

FHM class feature

I wrote an essay about social inequality, class division and the collapse of the One Nation dream for this month’s….FHM magazine. I know, right?  Anyway, I feel confident that young British magazine readers will take pause from their feverish pursuit of mildly-pornographic imagery  to reflect upon my thoughtful piece on socioeconomic injustice. Then perhaps they might zip up their flies and begin to rethink their lives, resolving to eschew their troubling preoccupation with looking at pictures of ladies in their bras and instead devote their time and energy to the creation of a new Jerusalem. It’s not available online so go out and buy the mag. It costs £3.99.

This book about The Wire

The Wire Re-Up

I was clearing out some books to give to the charity shop when I stumbled across this book about The Wire, which was published by The Guardian in 2009. It’s a compilation of essays, articles and interviews surrounding David Simon’s epic Baltimore-set drama about drugs, cops, crooked politicians and mad drunken dockers. It features an interview I did in 2008 with Michael K Williams, who played Omar in the show. Anyway, it’s a nice read for those of you who are fans of what used to be the most critically acclaimed show ever, until Breaking Bad came along. I still like it. But then I haven’t seen Breaking Bad. Sue me.