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Music and tunes

Radio Festival 2011


I hosted a session at the Radio Festival up in Manchester this afternoon. It was called ‘Chasing Status’ and the panel were Andy Roberts from Kiss FM, Matt Deegan from Folder Media and the Big Dawg TIM WESTWOOD. Yeah, that’s right, Westwood. We were talking about how to re-engage young people in the radio, or something. It was enjoyable.

How Hip Hop Changed The World


Did you see How Hip Hop Changed The World on Channel 4 last Friday? It was brilliant. All the hip-hop legends were on it: DJ Kool Herc, Rakim, Nas, Snoop Dog, Sam Delaney. If you missed it, click here to watch it at 4 On Demand. Seriously, don’t let my involvement in it fool you: it was actually very good.

Kids and music

A child enjoying some music on his iPod

I wrote this piece for a very nice new website called It is about listening to music in the car with your kid. Reading that description back, sounds a bit boring. But it’s not. Especially if you are a dad – or even a mum. Are you a mum? You are? Wow, you’re sexy.

Thing I done in The Independent

The Face: Good mag. I think this was the issue where the young Kate Moss first exposed her bangers

I wrote this piece for The Independent about mag fans who have scanned massive back catalogues of The Face, Melody Maker, Smash Hits and Select into their computers and posted them online. It’s only a shortish piece but researching it took ages because, trust me, once you start looking at these old mags you can’t stop. I grew up obsessed with magazines: I’ve got pretty much every copy of The Face from 1990 to 1996 up in my mum’s loft. Her husband’s tried to throw them out a few times to make room for the dead bodies he probably keeps up there. But they are too precious to just bin. My magazine purchasing evolved in a fairly standard way: 1982-1984, The Beano/Look-In; 1984-1988, Smash Hits/Oink; 1988-1990, Sky; 1990-1996, The Face; 1994-1998, Loaded. Then I started to write for magazines, after which I lost all respect for their content. The only mag I still subscribe to is Viz which remains not just the best mag ever but also the best thing ever. These days, mind you, I mostly read the back of shampoo bottles while sitting on the loo. Some of them are hilarious – and informative. I’d take a bottle of Herbal Essences over a copy of The New Yorker any day.