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Class War!

FHM class feature

I wrote an essay about social inequality, class division and the collapse of the One Nation dream for this month’s….FHM magazine. I know, right?  Anyway, I feel confident that young British magazine readers will take pause from their feverish pursuit of mildly-pornographic imagery  to reflect upon my thoughtful piece on socioeconomic injustice. Then perhaps they might zip up their flies and begin to rethink their lives, resolving to eschew their troubling preoccupation with looking at pictures of ladies in their bras and instead devote their time and energy to the creation of a new Jerusalem. It’s not available online so go out and buy the mag. It costs £3.99.

My new book deal


Read all about it! I’m writing a new book and it will be published by Faber and Faber in early 2015. It’s called Mad Men and Bad men and will be about political advertising, specifically the admen who changed the face of democracy from the 70’s onwards. You know, “Labour Isn’t Working,’ ‘New Labour, New Danger,’ ‘Double Whammy’ – that sort of thing. This is the inside story of what happened when the worlds of British politics and advertising collided. Featuring exclusive interviews with Neil Kinnock, Maurice Saatchi, Tim Bell, Norman Tebbitt, Tony Benn and tons of others. It’ll be fun.

Tony Benn


I interviewed Tony Benn for the Big Issue. He was charming and fascinating, as always. Incidentally, Paul McNamee, the editor of The Big Issue, has just been named editor of the year by the British Society Of Magazine Editors. It’s one of the most prestigious honours you can get in the mag game and he deserves it because he has transformed it into a cracking title over the past couple of years. Not least by making me a columnist. Here’s the Benn piece, you unappreciative bastards.