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David Sullivan Interview On TalkSport


So I co-hosted The Sports Bar on talkSPORT the other night and, while I was in the middle of banging on about the usual problems at West Ham, who should call up the studio but Hammers co-chairman David Sullivan. As  a Hammer myself, it was an exciting opportunity to ask the man presiding over another summer of characteristic pandemonium: ‘Seriously dude, what the fuck?’ But, you know, in a more polite way. Because I am a pro. Listen back to the remarkable interview here…

It’ll Go To Penalties – World Cup Podcast


Man, I’ve been busy finishing my book (Mad Men And Bad Men, published by Faber in January 2015 if I get my finger out and finish the bastard thing any time soon) and being editor in chief of Comedy Central’s new online channel. Which is hilarious by the way. But why would you give a fuck about my schedule, right? I mean, you don’t come and bother me with your shit. I’m sorry, this is all coming across as self regarding and obnoxious. So let’s just leave it at this: I’ve been hosting an AWESOME world cup podcast for the last few weeks with an array of brilliant guests including Tim Lovejoy, David Araanovich and even Sepp Blatter himself. I should have mentioned this sooner. But, like I say, who cares? No-one’s reading this anyway. Hello mum. Don’t listen to this, it will confuse and bore you.

talkSPORT New Year Warm Up


I’ve been in and out of talkSPORT towers a lot over the past couple of weeks hosting various shows. On New Year’s Day morning I presented the Warm Up – but they forgot to book a co-host. Consequently, I was reduced to sharing banter with Siri, the useless concierge app that those of you with an iPhone will be all too familiar with. Listen back to the peculiar exchanges here.

The Warm Up on talkSPORT


I was back on talkSPORT last Sunday morning, filling in for Max Rushden as host of  the Warm Up from 11am til 1, alongside journalist, gentleman and football sage Barry Glendenning. Our guests included Gaz out of Supergrass and Jason Euell. A good time was had by pretty much everyone and you can listen again here. Back on talkSPORT over the festive season.