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Alpha Papa review


Last week, I interviewed Steve Coogan, plus comedy Godfather Armando Ianucci and the writers behind the new Alan Partridge movie, Alpha Papa. All the interviews will be out in next Monday’s issue of The Big Issue which I suggest you purchase because (a) The interviews are brilliant. Particularly the one with Coogan who rails sensationally against the British press,  (b) The Big Issue is an all round brilliant magazine these days with fantastic writing, gorgeous design and big name interviews and (c) It helps the homeless to get back on their feet. Anyway, in the meantime, I reviewed Alpha Papa for The Big Issue website and you can read it here…

Gerard Butler on talkSPORT


Haven’t put anything up on here for a while. Yeah, I bet you log on every day just to check what I’ve been up to, right? What? You’ve never been here before and couldn’t give a flying fuck either way? Well, fair enough I suppose. Here’s a picture with me from a couple of weeks back when I was hosting the afternoon show on talkSPORT and Hollywood movie star Gerard Butler came in for a chat. He’s dreamy, I’m sure you’ll agree. And that in the middle is co-host Andy Jacobs – the often angry but nevertheless brilliant footballing soothsayer.