Political Takeout Podcast


The Political Takeout Podcast – hosted by the charming, clever and erudite double-act of Rupert Myers and Bobby Friedman – is BACK! And this time it’s sold out to a mainstream media player, just like in Wayne’s World when Rob Lowe swans in and turns their lo-fi basement production into a sponsored pawn in his sinister corporate machine. Although not really because they’ve been taken up by The Independent which not sinister in the least really. Plus, no-one who works there is remotely as handsome as Rob Lowe. Anyway, I went on as a guest last week alongside Ruth Porter from the IPPR to discuss Tory modernisation and Ed Miliband’s distaste for pubs. It was good fun. Other guests included Louise Mensch and Lembit Opik. I don’t know what they talked about, their bit was separate. Anyway, listen to it here