My BBC Three doc: ‘Sex, Lies And Gagging Orders’

I done a programme for BBC Three

Hello. I have spent a large part of my summer making this documentary for BBC Three called Sex, Lies and Gagging Orders. It’s about injunctions, privacy, the press, phone hacking, all that shizzle. I have enjoyed making it a great deal and think it’s really rather interesting. But what do I know? Judge for yourself: it’s on TONIGHT AT 9PM ON BBC THREE. NB – there is no actual sex in the entire programme.


Here are the other times it’s on:

Can you read these times okay? No? Shit.

4 thoughts on “My BBC Three doc: ‘Sex, Lies And Gagging Orders’

  1. Wayne Eccott
    Twitter: margatemafia

    Looking forward to watching this tonight! Sam Delaney is a very clever & witty young man! looking forward to seeing his take on this controversial subject!

  2. wayne Eccott
    Twitter: margatemafia

    To anyone reading this, this programme tackled a subject that is far from black or white! The subject of a celebrity’s right to privacy. Before I watched this, I have always been of the opinion if someone is in the limelight then they’re fair game!

    After watching it though I have to say that I am less convinced now. The show presented a clear, well thought out & balanced look at this hot topic and clearly demonstrated views from both perspectives. We all know the rich & famous just put their hands in their pockets and it all goes away these days, but until Sam showed us what it was like from the kiss & tell side, I think we all had the same perception about these people.

    Before watching this program, I personally thought the people you see selling kiss & tell stories were just money grabbing, gold digging media whores who just wanted to be famous! To be fair though this is true in some cases but not all! Sometimes these people are just starstruck and in the wrong place at the wrong time & get taken advantage of by the so called celebrities who seize on people’s vulnerability! But with these super injunctions nowadays they never get a right of reply ensuring you never get both sides, if any side of the story in fact. Then the public just perceive the woman as a gold digging media whore. I think if anything good about this program has come out, is that this has demonstrated that this is not always the case!

    With regards to the celebrities themselves, I am still of the opinion that some of them are fair game! Why? …… Well, you get certain celebrities that like to use the media to their advantage and get paid very well for it. The celebrity finds this acceptable as they are getting paid or getting much needed exposure. If the media however, use the celebrity for their own purposes, jesus christ all hell breaks loose and we have a free for all with the celebrity moaning and whining about their privacy. So love, the story you allowed us, the media to do about you a couple of weeks ago about your wedding or kids christening wasn’t invading your personal space then? Oh of course not, silly me me! I forgot we paid you a six figure sum to you to be able to do it! Very double standards in my book, but will you ever get a celebrity to admit to that, err NO! You have more chance of seeing West Ham win the premier league! or Sam Allaerdyce being voted West Ham’s best ever manager! It’s never going to happen! Because of this a lot of people will see celebrities as fair game regardless full stop!

    There is a flip side to this coin though. What about the celebrity that does not want to be in the limelight or have their picture taken every 5 minutes? Is it right to harass them and intrude into their private lives? There are celebrities that are just simply good at what they do and when working don’t mind the attention, but when finished work they just want to be normal people like you and I! Why shouldn’t they have the right to do that if they’re not putting it about or up to no good! Personally speaking I don’t think this type of celebrity should be invaded by the media, but the real question is, how do we draw that line you can cross and the line you can’t? Which celebrities are fair game and which are not? Always going to be opinions on this and varying one’s at that!

    It’s never going to be a clear cut issue and I think a lot of the responsibility should lie more with the journalist/media and he/she looking at the bigger picture of celebrity life that they are just about to invade. As ever though it will still boil down to people’s personal opinion of that celebrity. Unfortunately there will never be a solution to this and being famous will always come at a price!

    Would I like to be famous? NO! Would I like all the money that comes with being famous? of course I would! But these days you have to have both! Which is why I am glad I am just ordinary man who teaches people to drive for living and reside in a dead seaside town! Here I am just a mere speck in the cosmos, no one hassles me and I wander round like a ghost! No one wants to take my picture or follow me everywhere and that’s just how I like it! Sod being famous!

    Great program Sam really enjoyed it! Well worth giving up some online time on the X-Box playing Call of duty that’s for sure! 😉

  3. Mike Wheeler
    Twitter: mikedwheeler

    Hi Sam, yes sir, really good program. Loved it you ‘killed it’. Even my Dad watched it front to back ( he’s 84) and said how interesting it was. He wondered why you didn’t wear a tie, I told him you don’t own one. He understood.
    Great stuff.

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