Ad chat at Royal Society Of Arts

Um Bongo, Um Bongo, they drink it in the Congo. This ad was a bit racist really wasn't it?

Six years ago I wrote a book about the Golden Age of the British ad industry called ‘Get Smashed.’ Not that many people were interested in it at first but about a year later Mad Men came on telly and suddenly everyone thought stories about ad executives were way cool and interesting. That’s why the RSA are staging a discussion about the industry tonight and have invited me to take part. It might be interesting, I suppose. I don’t know a ton about today;s ad industry to be honest but if things get tricky I’m hoping my ability to recount the lyrics of the Um Bongo song verbatim will see me through. You could come, if there were any tickets left! WHICH THERE AREN”T! BECAUSE IT’S SO INTERESTING! Hahahahaha! Bye.