How The Light Gets In Festival

I'll be talking at this festival about philosophomanie

Yeah, I’ve been asked to go and talk at a philosophy festival in June. What? Why are you smirking you dick? Here’s what it says on the press release and that:



HowTheLightGetsIn: the philosophy and music festival at Hay

26th May – 5th June

Sam Delaney, Guardian journalist and former editor of Heat will be joining a host of others at this years HowTheLightGetsIn Philosophy festival to discuss ‘The New Gods of the Changed world’. The full program is now online at


Sunday 5th June, Time 12.00


Plastic Fantasies and Disposable Gods

Gerald Moore, Emilia Fox, Sam Delaney. Caspar

Melville chairs.

Celebrities are the gods of contemporary culture. Is

this a consequence of a lack of genuine heros and

ideals, a harmless attachment to trivia, or a sign of

the emptiness of our lives? Do the promises of fame

and glamour make ordinary life more tolerable,

or delude us into wanting something not worth


Cambridge philosopher and theorist Gerald Moore,

award-winning actress Emilia Fox and former

editor of Heat magazine Sam Delaney question our

new idols with journalist Caspar Melville.



The Institute of Art and Ideas once again presents HowTheLightGetsIn philosophy festival, in Hay this spring (27th May-5th June).
The British Minster of Culture Ed Vaizey described the festival as a ‘world-leading’ forum of ideas, bringing together scientists, philosophers, journalists and political leaders in dialogue to set the intellectual agenda for the coming decade… with dashes of comedy and lashes of music.

Join the likes of Sam Delaney, Philip Pullman, Bonnie Greer, Johann Hari, Vince Cable, Camille O’Sullivan, Emilia Fox and many more to discuss ‘The New Gods in a changed world’. The full programme is online and available now at

Looking forward to seeing you there!