Catch 22

Catch 22: helping intelligent young people learn from dicks like me

I went and did a talk last night to a group of aspiring young journalists, courtesy of Catch 22. It’s a sort of charity that helps train young people to work in the media, specifically print journalism- you know, for people who don’t have all the hook ups and usual ways in. Good for the kids, good for the media (means it won;t get more and more filled up with dicks like me). Check them out: Of course, I worked my way into the media after graduating from The University Of Hard Knocks with a BA (Hons) In Effing Reality!*


*By which I mean graduating from the University Of Sussex with a 2:1 in Politics (would have been a first had I not been busy being totally AWESOME!**)


**By which I mean busy watching Neighbours.

One thought on “Catch 22

  1. Funmi Olutoye

    Hi, Sam. I’m one of the trainees at Catch 22 (the one that asked you about being a Multimedia Journalist). Your talk was great – we haven’t stopped talking about it. Hope we see you again soon so you can impart some more knowledge that you got from your BA (Hons) in Effing Reality 🙂

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