Lost In Showbiz


This is a colulmn I did in The Guardian last Friday. Sue me.

I did last week’s Lost In Showbiz column for The Guardian. My chosen subjects were Mario Balotelli, Nicolas Sarkozy, Mariah Carey, and X Factor. In it I used the words ‘cryptically’ ‘grotesesquery’ ‘spods’ and ‘oxygen.’ These, and most of the other 1200 odd words, were chosen via a game I call ‘word roulette’ whereby I literally stick a pin in a dictionary to decide which word goes next in the sentence I am constructing. It works quite well, but I have to ask the sub-editors on the paper to add in ‘the’ ‘and’ and ‘in’ here and there in order for the piece to hang together as a cohesive entity. Consider the happy way in which the linguistic stars occasionally align as you enjoy these deeply important (and moving) dispatches .