This Morning

Did This Morning yesterday. Newspaper reviews with my old mate Eamonn and his lovely new wife Ruth. Charlotte Hawkins out of Sky News was talking about the papers with me. I’ve done it a few times. When you get down to their studios on the South Bank there are always paps outside waiting for celebrity guest arrivals. They always look gutted when I get out of the car because they don’t know who the effing hell I am. Ironically, I’m the one paying their wages. Anyway, This Morning. It’s all really camp and showbizzy down there. I bumped into John or Edward out of Jedward in the bogs. He was well friendly. ‘Ahitsyermanfromheat!’ he said as he dried his hands with a paper towel. I was glad he remembered me. But to be honest I couldn’t understand a bloody word of what he was saying. Just too excitable, babbly and Irish. Later, the pair of them came in my dressing me ad started interviewing

Ruth and Eamonn

me on their little handycam. All of the questions were incomprehensible so I just smiled and nodded and repeatedly told them they were great. Which I think they are.