My sister, Jay-Z, Newport and the global internet sensation of the year

My sister the genius

Newport (Ymerodraeth State of Mind)

My sister, MJ Delaney, has written, directed, produced and edited the biggest internet sensation of the year. It’s a spoof of Jay Z and Alicia Keys’ Empire State Of Mind, only set in Newport, Wales. She did it on zero budget, just for a laugh, getting a few of her mates to help out on the day of filming. She stuck it up on You Tube on Wednesday and by Thursday afternoon it was the number one most watched film on You Tube IN THE WHOLE EFFING WORLD! It was on News At Ten that night (Alistair Stewart actually applauded it) and she has been all over Sky News, GMTV, 5Live and pretty much every other major news outlet for the past 48 hours. She is only 24 and is entirely self-taught at filmmaking. She has never made for a paid-for film of any sort in her life. I figure that’s about to change. She is a genius. Have a watch