Twist n Pulse

Last Sunday I was round at my mum’s having lunch. ‘Did you see those nice boys dancing on Britain’s Got Talent?’ she asked. ‘What were they called? Pen and Ink? You wanna get them in your magazine, they were lovely.’ Well, it’s rare that my old dear furnishes me with her editorial insights and advice – but when she does, I listen. 36 hours later, Twist and Pulse (which is what their actual names turned out to be) were in my office, doing their funny robo-dancing, signing autographs, having their photos taken and generally being nice (and very shy). They may have come 2nd on this year’s BGT but they were winners in my mum’s mind – and now they’re in heat. Which is more than you can say for Fantazia or whatever the fuck them gymnasts what won it were called. Personally, I find all gymnasts spooky. Anyway, check out the link below to see their dance off with The Heat Geek, who is our resident dance guru and in the top five strangest people I’ve ever worked with.Heat Geek v Twist and Pulse