Angela And Friends

On Tuesday, I appeared on Sky One’s Angela and Friends. As one of the contracted ‘friends’ of the title, I joined host Angela Griffin plus Jo Wood and Nicola Stephenson (both dead nice) to discuss fashion and motherhood (?!)
I’ve been one of Angela’s occasional friends on the show for about 9 months, since the series started. I’ve read some snobby reviews in the press, but I think it’s really original. It’s less soft and fluffy than those other daytime chat-athons. The people they have on are unusual, eccentric and have lived interesting lives (Brix Smith Smart, Pearl Lowe and Jo Wood are hardly the sort of ‘wacky housewives’ you get on Loose Women). Plus, Angela is genuinely smart, funny and a bit mental. It’s the only daytime discussion show that acknowledges that not all stay at home parents are slack jawed morons or dreary suburban Daily Mail readers. Anyway, the series ends in two weeks and I think Tuesday was my last one before then. Hopefully, we’ll be back next year.