How The Tories Won


There’s a new edition of my book, Mad Men And Bad Men, out this month with an all new chapter about the 2015 election. I managed to get an interview with Conservative campaign boss Lynton Crosby and their digital chief Tom Edmonds plus Labour ad-man Danny Brooke-Taylor. It was very revealing and The Guardian ran an extended extract as their cover story this week. Read the full article here or go one better and buy the new edition of the book here!Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 22.57.25

News Thing on RTUK


Tune in to my talk show on RTUK every Friday and Saturday night at 10.30pm. It’s a mixture of daft chat, analysis and political guests. Recent highlights include John Prescott and Damien McBride. You can see all old the episodes here or tune in – it’s Sky Channel 512

Post Roast News Review – Soho House

Post Roast Artwork

Look at my face done up like a brussel sprout. Awesome, right? Why has it happened? To promote my new monthly live event at Soho House, whereby I sit down with a couple of special guests and go through the Sunday papers with them. Out loud. In front of a bunch of people who’ve just eaten a roast lunch.

Written down like this, none of it seems to make any sense. But I’ve said I’d do it now so, whatever. You can come, if you’re a member of Soho House. if you’re not, just sit at home and read the papers to yourself, it will be cheaper and just as entertaining. Probably more so.


Sam Delaney’s News Thing – new TV show


Last week I filmed the pilot episode for a brand new TV show for a global news network. it’s a bit secret at the moment until we get the commission signed off but I am well chuffed with the set and so decided to stick this pic up. If you have seen and enjoy my stupid contributions to Eamonn Holmes’ Sunrise show on Sky News, you will probably enjoy this. If not, probably best you stick to the BBC. Updates very soon.

How To Have A Digital Hit – Google Talk

Creative-Corner-Jay_Pond_Jones-Sam_Delaney-How_To_Have_a_Digital_Hit_Creative_Director-Feature_Image-1I have been asked to give a talk at Goggle this Thursday (25th September)with my friend and colleague Jay Pond-Jones about the success we had with the show KSI: Demolished at Comedy Central. The title they have given it is ‘How To Have A Digital Hit.’ You can get tickets, come along, listen, then get pissed if you like. I am certain the evening will be what can only be described as FUNFORMATIVE.